• Customer Relationship Marketing

Clients turn to FlarePath to achieve the greatest return from their marketing efforts, seeking the integration and coordination of working with seasoned professionals.  FlarePath combines direct mail, internet, social media, retail and other communications tools to effectively retain, reactivate and increase the value of each Customer. The results are higher Customer satisfaction and an increased return on investment.

• Customer Loyalty Programs

FlarePath has been instrumental in the development of successful points-based loyalty programs in the US and internationally. FlarePath has the knowledge and experience necessary to assess, implement and manage Customer loyalty programs that are proven to reduce attrition and increase customer lifetime value.

• Catalog Marketing

From toys to tools, luxury gifts to personal care, FlarePath’s catalog experience is wide-ranging.  Beginning with a small business-to-business tool catalog for Ingersoll-Rand Company in 1988, FlarePath has since worked with startups as well as established marketers to increase their acquisition, retention and sales.

• Database Management

The key to marketing success is having an effective relational marketing database with interrelated files for more-detailed analysis. FlarePath has developed database plans for numerous clients combining multi-channel data to provide an effective brand database.  As a result, our clients benefit from valuable Customer and product analyses used to refine and improve productivity and marketing return-on-investment.

• Vendor Analysis & Selection

Seldom has FlarePath had a client that has had the capabilities to provide all marketing services in-house.  For these clients, an integral part of FlarePath’s contribution has been to source, evaluate, recommend and establish outside vendor relationships.  Since we understand your marketing needs, we are in the ideal position to align you with the appropriate partners for your business.

• Customer Insight Research

Our clients rely on us to provide valuable consumer insights in the areas of product development, program enhancements, profile building, product forecasting and trending. With our own survey platform, FlarePath can easily implement research studies from start to finish from development of the methodology to coding to implementation, analysis and presentation of results. FlarePath puts affordable consumer insights at your fingertips.

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